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    "Hey there! I tried a Patty at Hamilton Super Crawl today and it was the best patty I have ever had! I was told you guys deliver. Thanks so much for the amazing patties!"
    ~ K eely ~

    "These aren't no microwave patties"
    ~ Sarah ~

    "I'm back at the Patty Shack"
    ~ George ~

    "You have veggie patties! I have been looking for veggie patties for 3 years; I'll take 4 please"

    ~ Ranjit ~

    "You're food is awesome!"
    ~ Monique ~

    "I've tried everything on your menu, and its all delicious"
    ~ Matthew ~

    "You're food is so beautiful and colourful"
    ~ Amanda~

    "I saw the post of your food and I had to come and get it"
    ~ Rebecca ~

    "You're food is awesome!"
    ~ Anthony ~

    "Best patties ever, it's a party in my mouth"
    ~ Linden ~

    "I've never seen anything like this, this is so creative"
    ~ Kevin ~

    "You guys have a great vibe and energy"

    ~ Paula ~